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We have our roots in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian plant-based healing system, and follow the Ayurvedic Bhaishajyas (texts) in all our formulations.


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Taking care of oneself is a matter of great responsibility. Not just in terms of staying healthy and energetic through proper nutrition and workout. It is also essential to take care of your physical appearance, especially of skin, hair, and overall well being.

It is right to say the fact that appealing outlook of yours will create a lasting impression upon others and make you appear confident. Thus, it is imperative to take care of your skin tone, hair structure, and overall beauty to appear younger than your actual age, appear more bright, and energetic to the eyes of onlookers around.

For such reason, Henua, a premium and international level of beauty, wellness, and lifestyle brand is here to enhance your skin, hair, and the complete body pattern. We offer an extensive beauty of beauty and wellness products that are 100% organic and free from any chemical inside to enrich your outlook to a great deal of extent.

Set up in India with a motive to take care of your skin and hair, we have our specialization into an organic range of oils, creams, scrubs, body toner, and more. Simply rely on us to make you appear and feel much younger and let everyone goes gaga over your attractive and eye-catchy looking appearance.

Know Something About Henua-An International Beauty, Wellness & Lifestyle Brand

 The name “Henua”, stands for ancient Indian ingredients mainly comprising of plants and herbs that are grown naturally and organically. Like the 100% natural outcome of herbs, we offer the products made out of the same while keeping the authenticity and organic view in the first place.

We offer physical care products after doing an extensive set of research on several natural herbs and shrubs meant specifically for hair, skin, and different body parts. Thus, with us, you can stay on a natural spree of improving skin tone, smoothness, fairness, pattern, and more. Also, use our natural and handmade products to experience a strong, shiny, and long length hair for a long-lasting time.

 Products We Offer

 Henua, a brand that offers a great amalgamation of ancient recipes and natural ingredients, offers a vast range of beauty and wellness products. By using any of our products, customers can further improve their lifestyle and the overall living pattern to a great deal of extent.

 * Body Care Products: Taking care of your body is the most important you should do to make it healthy, energetic, and disease-free. For such purpose, we have it here an extensive range of face & body toner oil in different flavours, massage oil, and even natural ingredients equipped mosquito repellent oil. All such body care products are manufactured using handmade techniques with having a pioneering knowledge of herbs and ancient style recipes.

* Face Care Products: Nothing comes as important as taking care of your facial skin. For enriching your outlook, we offer organic facial scrub in a distinctive set of natural ingredients and flavours that work best as per your particular skintone and the smoothness level. Also, lay hands on the specialized eye care product to make your eyes appear clear and dirt free.

* Hair Care Products: Showcase the naturally long, shiny, and strong looking hair at the next party, office, or to anyone hovering around. Use the ancient herbs equipped hair oil from us to bring the much-needed appearance over the head. We offer such oil for kinds of hair be it like straight, curly, or any other pattern you have.

* Healthy Living Products: Staying healthy naturally is no longer a hassle for you. We are here to offer healthy living products in a wide range of digestive powder, headache & pain relief oil, pain relief oil, and more to best take care of your physical self.

What Makes Us Class Apart?

 Henua is not just beauty, wellness, and lifestyle brand that offers an exquisite range of body care products. Our brand is more about letting people care about themselves in terms of physical appearance, face, beauty, and more. Also, to promote a naturally going organic lifestyle, we have our products made out of naturally grown material without having any sort of chemicals, artificial flavours.

Another thing that makes Henua a class apart brand is offering plant-based products without imposing any animal cruelty or any sort of pollution as well. Whatever we offer are natural and purely plant-based to nurture your skin pattern and the complete outlook.

Rely on Henua, Wellness & Beauty Products to Get the Desired Outlook!